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UTOO G50 - 5000mAh

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Product description

A0 class flame retardant shell

Fire safety test ABS plastic shell.

The thickness of the whole machine is only 29mm

Polymer core

A+ class polymer electric core. Actual capacity of  5000mAh.

Product information

Battery infocapacity3.7V/5000mAh
useful timeuseful time ≧300 75% capacity
energy content3.7V/5000mAh(18.5Wh)
charging time5V/2.1A About  3 H
discharging time5V/2.1A About  1.5H
input portMicro USB/TYPE-C
output porta.USB-A to TYPE-C(replaceable)+Lightning(built in cable)
 b.USB-A to Micro USB (replaceable)+Lightning(built in cable)
 c.USB-A to TYPE-C (replaceable)+Micro USB(built in cable)
LED indicatorChargingFull Four lights on
 75%~100 Four lights flashes
 50%~75% Three lights flashes  
 25%~50% Two lights flashes
 0%~25% One light flashes 
Discharging75%~100 Four lights on
 50%~75% Three lights on  
 25%~50% Two lights on
 5%~25% One light on
 0%~5% One light flashes 
Temp requirescharging/discharging temp0°C~ 40°C