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AIRTIES Air4830 Mesh WiFi

RM 300.00
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  • AC dualband 4x4 MU-MIMO
  • Automatically switches to the strongest signal for your devices

Mesh WiFi
Traditional WiFi Extenders
Connection speedicon-check.pngFaster and stronger
Enjoy a dedicated connection for a fast, strong WiFi signal similar to a router signal. 
WiFi speed is reduced by half when the signal is rebroadcasted from the router through the extender.
Coverageicon-check.pngMaximum coverageMaximises coverage in all areas by using multiple WiFi points to form a larger, unified WiFi network.icon-x.pngSingle coverage
Focuses on problem spots in certain areas, for example dead spots in one room. 
Seamless, stable connectionicon-check.pngAutomatically connectedAutomatically and seamlessly connects you to the strongest WiFi signal as you roam around your house. icon-x.pngManual switch
Need to manually connect to the strongest WiFi signal to avoid being disconnected.